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Tomahawk, weapon of Okichitaw Indigenous Martial Arts of Canada

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Tomahawk, weapon of Okichitaw

  Indigenous Martial Arts of Canada 

The Government of Canada has noted to Aboriginal Communities that they are committed to commemorating milestones in Canadian history with a view to promoting interest and pride in their shared heritage. According to Chief George J. Lepine, Okichitaw Indigenous Martial Arts, the government of Canada recently recognized Aboriginal Canadians’ involvement and  contribution in the War of 1812. Canada’s Prime Minister the Honorable Stephen Harper participated in  a ceremony honoring the major contributions of Aboriginal peoples during the War of 1812, and during this ceremony the Right Honorable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, presented commemorative War of 1812 banners and medals to representatives of 48 First Nations and Métis communities with a heritage linked to the war of 1812. The commemorative banner (flag) design is based on the red and white design of the Canadian Flag, along with an Anchor, Crossed Swords, and War Tomahawks symbolizing that fighting in the service of the Crown took place on land, at sea, and on the Great Lakes in concert with Aboriginal Allies. 

Tomahawks are part of basic Okichitaw training, which have been seen at the Chungju festival. This year as well we will be able to meet them in performance by Chief George J. Lepine of Okichitaw Indigenous Martial Arts of Canada.


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