• Article 18(Depositary)

    The signed original texts of this agreement shall be placed under the custody of the Mayor of Chungju. Each signatory member shall be provided with a certified copy of the original text in English language.

    Done in duplicate at Chungju on October 2, 2002, in English and Korean language text being authentic.
  • Article 17(Entry into force)

    The present agreement shall come into force for and between those national and international martial arts organizations the day it is signed for them.
  • Article 16(Incorporation)

    The Union may be incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Korea, when the general meeting so decides.
  • Article 15(Amendments)

    1. Any member may propose an amendment to this agreement by presenting in writing to the secretary-general he text of the proposed amendment along with the reasons therefor, which the secretary-general shall communicate to the members ss the president and vice presidents of the general meeting.

    2. The proposed amendment(s) shall be avted upon by the general meeting as the priority agenda item at its regular session meeting unless an extraordinary meeting is called for the purpose.
  • Article 14(Secretariat)

    1. The secretariat is the executive organ of the Union composed of the secretary-general and his or her staff.

    2. The secretary-general shall inform the members of the roster of the secretariat upon its formation and thereafter the changes in personnel, as well.
  • Article 13(Secretary-general)

    1. The secretary-general, being the chief administrative officer of the Union and the head of its secretariat, is responsible for the general administration and management and for carrying out programs of work adopted by the general meeting and other works to fulfill the purposes of the present agreements under the direction of the president.

    2. The secretary-general is to be appointed by the president on the consent from the majority of the of the vice presidents for a term of three(3) years which is to be renewable consecutively at the end of a term. The term of this position may be subsequently declined by the president as a result of deficiencies identified by the WoMAU membership.

    3. While it finances the secretariat, the municipal government of Chungju may be requested to nominate candidate for secretary-general as long as process for nomination is conducted in consultation with the president.

    4. The secretary general shall submit an annual report to the regular annual session of the general meeting, such report shall cover the previous 12 months period's events and activities sponsored or organized either by the Union or member organizations, and the accounts of the membership dues by an independent auditor, among other things.

    5. The secretary-general may be present in that capacity at the general meeting and other meetings without the right to vote.
  • Article 12(General meeting officials)

    1. The general meeting shall have as its elected officials one(1)president and six(6) vice presidents. The term of office of the officials shall be three(3) years from the date of respective election to his or her successor's election. The retiring president and vice president(s) shall be eligible for immediate re-election.

    2. The president is the presiding officer of the general meetings and represents the general meeting and the Union.

    3. When the president is not available the most senior vice president on hand shall preside at meetings as president ad interim. The seniority for this purpose shall be determined according first to the order of election and then of age.

    4. The president, the vice presidents and the secretary-general as a non voting member constitute the steering committee, which may meet at the call of the president for consultation about business of the Union. The outcome of the meeting shall be reported to the immediately following general meeting.
  • Article 11(General meeting's competence)

    The general meeting shall deliberate, among other things, the following matters and make decision thereon,
    if necessary.

    1. Election of its president and vice presidents
    2. Admission of new member(s)
    3. Amendment to the present agreement
    4. Annual report of the secretary-general, which shall include the accounts for the memvership dues for the reporting
    5. Program of work, especially those plans which are likely to incur financial obligations to the members.
    6. The amount of the annual membership dues for the next year.
    7. Review and evaluation of the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival.
  • Article 10(General meeting's decision-making)

    1. At the general meeting, each member organization shall have one vote.

    2. The quorum for the meetings of the general meeting shall be a majority of the members. Decision by the general meeting shall be made by a majority of the members present and voting.
  • Article 9(Regular general meetings)

    1. The general meeting, consisting of all member, shall be the principal deliberative and decision making organ of the Union.

    2. The general meeting shall meet once a year in a regular session at Chungju, Korea. The meeting may well be held during the period of Chungju World Martial Arts Festival for convenience' sake and the date for the meeting shall be made known to the members at least 60 days in advance by the secretary-general.

    3. An extraordinary session of the general meeing may be called by the request of one third of the membership submitted to the president of the general meeting through the secretary-general.
  • Article 8(Basic organs)

    The general meeting and a secretariat shall be established as the basic organs of the Union. Such other organs as may be found necessary for the purpose of the present agreement may be established in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Agreement.
  • Article 7(Membership withdrawal)

    Any member that may wish to withdraw from the membership shall tender a written notification to that effect to the secretary-general of the Union. A withdrawal notice shall take effect ten days after its receipt by the secretary-general, who shall inform thereof to the president of the general meeting and all members immediately
  • Article 6(Member facilities)

    All member of the Union shall enjoy access to all events and activities organized and sponsored by the Union. Information and materials meant for the general membership shall be made available to all members without discrimination.
  • Article 5(Membership due)

    1. There will be annual membership dues. The details of membership dues, including the amount of money to be paid, shall be decided by the general meeting at its regular meeting each year.

    2. The Union may accept monetary contribution, donations and subsidies of voluntary nature.
  • Article 4(Membership)

    1. The membership of Union is open to the national organizations of martial arts of all countries. The membership of the Union is open to the national participation. The membership shall not exceed three (3) from a country.

    2. Those national organizations that signed the present agreement and were present at the inaugural meeting are original members of the Union

    3. Admission of member(s) other than the original members shall be effected by majority of the members at a general meeting. Application for membership shall include introductory material of the applicant's martial art and be addressed to the secretary-general, who shall report it to the general meeting for its decision.

    4. In case where there are more than one national organization in a country each representing the unique tradition of martial arts distinct from the others', such organizations may become member independently. The additional membership application under this sub-paragraph from a country which already has one member or more shall be accompanied by the written consent of the member(s) from that country. When there is no member from a country yet and more than one such organization file applications simultaneously, a mutual consent in writing shall be presented along with their applications.

    Article 4-1(Associate Membership)

    1. The Union shall allow international or national organizations of and on martial arts that either short for the membership under Article 4 or unwilling for such membership to join it as an associate member.

    2. Application for associate membership shall be addressed to the secretary general in written form. The secretary general shall circulate the application to the members and report it to the immediate next general meeting of the members for its decision. The admission shall be effected by the majority in favor of the members present and voting.

    3. The associate member shall have the same rights and obligations as the ones enjoyed by the member except for the right to vote and to serve as a bureau member.
  • Article 3(Underakings)

    Serving its objective set forth in Article 2 above, the Union undertakes to do, among other things, the following on or relating to martial arts.

    1. collection, exchange and dissemination of information and materials
    2. organizing study and research activities such as seminars and conferences
    3. organizing or sponsoring demonstration or exhibition events
    4. rendering cooperation to Chungju World Martial Arts Festival and providing administrative and technical assistances to the member organizations with a view to facilitating their participation in the Festival and other such events.
  • Article 2(Purposes)

    The Union shall carry out the work to promote exchanges of personnel and information between the member organizations with a view to helping develop their martial art skills and techniques and encouraging the world martial arts community to contribute positively for the world peace.
  • Article 1(Designation)

    The organization established in accordance with the present agreement shall be called World Martial Arts Union(hereinafter in this agreement referred to as "the Union"). The Union is a worldwide federation of the national organizations of martial arts and international organizations of a specific martial arts.
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