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Successful activities 2015 by NFBK- Bulkempo of Bulgaria

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Successful activities 2015  by NFBK- Bulkempo  of Bulgaria

Representative team of Bulkempo participated in Bulgaria’s Got Talent 2015 in March, and then won 18 medals in the disciplines “Kata”, “Weapon Kata” and “Self­Defense” in the 12th World Kempo Championship, held in Antalya, Turkey in the period April 27 – May 3. Its 7 representatives earned 10 golden, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals. According to NFBK­BULKEMPO, the team won the respect of all competitors in the traditional disciplines and deservedly was called “The Magnificent Seven”. Master Velin Hadjolov who is a player­coach has become a World Champion for the 9th time. 
In addition, NFBK­BULKEMPO hosted 2 summer camps. The traditional international summer camp “Bulkempo & Hapkido Inspiration” held from May 22 to June 3 is one. The 4th International Bulkempo & Iai­Jutsu Summer Camp “Shinken held from June 8 to August 17 is the other, which like previous year had the special participation of Komei Sekiguchi Sensei ­ 21st generation samurai.


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