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Kukri Fighting

Khukhuri Fighting

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Ichangu Community and Sports Development Society


The Gurkhas (Gorkha warriors of Nepal) have been renowned for their Kukri knife, a curved knife with a pointed head and the cutting edge inwardly curved. It is very effective to use on the battlefield in the one-to-one condition. Kukri fighting technique consists of the movement of the hands in different directions that can deliver power and precision.


The earliest kukri model ever found belonged to Ram Shah, the king of Gorkha (around 1627 AD). It is showcased in the National Museum of Nepal. However, the use of this weapon became widespread around 1768 when the Gurkhas rose to power over the entire country.


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I am looking fo also a Kami made very strong field knife. It mustsurvive heavy field use. It must be long light fighting & working blade. Full tang and 6 inch handle.