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Korean wrestling

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Ssireum is a type of wrestling in which two players wearing long fabric belts around their waists and one thigh grip their opponents belt and deploy various techniques to send them to the ground. The winner of the final game for adults is awarded an ox, symbolizing agricultural abundance, and the title of Jangsa. When the games are over, the Jangsa parades around the neighborhood riding the ox in celebration. Ssireum games take place on sand in any available space in a neighborhood, and are open to community members of all ages, from children to seniors. They are played on various occasions, including traditional holidays, market days, and festivals. Different regions have developed variants of ssireum based on their specific backgrounds, but they all share the common social function of ssireum enhancing community solidarity and collaboration. As an approachable sport involving little risk of injury, ssireum also offers a means of improving mental and physical health. Koreans are broadly exposed to ssireum traditions within their families and local communities: children learn the wrestling skills from family members; local communities hold annual open wrestling tournaments; and instruction on the element is also provided in schools.


Please refer to the History of Ssireum on the Korea Ssireum Association homepage.


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