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Pencak Silat

Pentjak Silat

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Pentjak Silat is a traditional Indonesian martial art that was originally an armed style of combat. In addition to their sporting element, Traditions of Pencak Silat also encompass mental-spiritual, self-defense, and artistic aspects. The moves and styles of Pencak Silat are strongly influenced by various elements of art, involving a unity of body and movement fitting the accompanying music. The term pencak is better known in Java, while the term silat is better known in West Sumatra, describing a group of martial arts with many similarities. In addition to local terms, each region has its own moves, styles, accompaniments, music, and supporting equipment, which includes costumes, musical instruments, and traditional weapons. Pencak Silat practitioners are taught to maintain their relationship with God, human beings, and nature, and are trained in various techniques to deal with attacks or other dangerous situations based on principles to protect themselves as well as others, avoid harming the offender and build comradeship. The practice strengthens comradeship, maintains social order, and provides entertainment for ritual ceremonies. Related knowledge and skills are commonly taught in non-formal schools and include oral traditions and expressions such as greetings, philosophical phrases, rhymed poems, advice, as well as songs, and techniques to play the instruments.


The origin of the words Pencak and Silat are still unclear. Some believe that Pencak has the meaning of method of educating whereas Silat means friendship, in which case Pencak Silat would stand for to be educated in how to live harmoniously with others.

Traditionally Pentjak was a secretive method of self-defense and was not meant to be used for competitive combats shown in public. It was also a path to spiritual enlightenment and in some parts of Java also a component of community celebrations. Although it has been described as one of the deadliest martial arts of the Indonesian Archipelago, it is not considered an art of war, but rather an art of stopping the war.


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